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Gifting fine art photography for birthdays or parties is an original and thoughtful idea. Art, in addition to being a gift of quality, imperishable and poetic, adapts to everyone. The GADCOLLECTION Gallery offers a wide choice of original art photographs, numbered and signed by the artists, to be found here.

It is a gift intended to be displayed, which will fully enter into a person's life. Finding a work that matches it is therefore important. However, choosing a photo for someone else can be tricky.

The GADCOLLECTION Gallery offers to help you make your choice through these few tips.


  Jean-Daniel Lorieux, Dior Shoes - Tunisie, 1980


Why offer an art photography? 

Fine art photography makes an ideal gift for friends, relatives, and family. Indeed, offering a photo is not just making a present of an object but opening a window on reverie, travel and beauty.

In addition, it is possible to choose a work adapted to each person, each taste. Fine art photographs represent an endless gift possibility.




Eric Houdoyer, Echanges, 2018


Providing photo art therefore has many advantages to which is added the imperishable nature of a photograph. This is a gift that will accompany the person as much as they want and maybe even for the rest of their life.


Stéphane Aisenberg, MORE THAN LEATHER & IVORY



Jean-Daniel Lorieux, HOLIDAYS - DJERBA, 1980


Choose a work of art suited to the personality of the recipient

An art photograph is an original gift that must be personalized. The chosen work must be in line with the tastes of the recipient of the gift. It is therefore preferable to know his tastes.

Thus, if the recipient has rather classic tastes, it will be better to choose a simple and pure photograph. Conversely, if he has strong tastes, choosing a character photograph will be welcome.

The GADCOLLECTION Gallery offers an eclectic catalog ranging from fashion photography (see the article published in The Eye of photography), street photographyanimal photography to architectural photography.


Ormond Gigli, Lips, 1960


Kyriakos Kaziras, Rêver


Alessandro Piredda, UFFIZZI, FIRENZE


It is also best to imagine yourself with the photograph. Although you are not necessarily the same tastes, a first screening with the photo is important.


Adapt the gift to the type of recipient and the setting

An art photograph is a gift that is meant to be hung, displayed and beautify your interior. It is therefore important to match the photograph correctly to the recipient.

The photograph chosen will not be the same for a well-settled person as for a person likely to leave or move regularly.

If the recipient of the gift is a person installed and posed, the photo will have vocation not to move any more once installed. It is therefore preferable to know the interior of the apartment and if possible to visualize the walls that could receive the photo. Knowledge of the place of life will make it possible to choose the dimensions of the photograph.

It is also advisable to know the style of the recipient's apartment and the dominant colors. This will allow a harmonious marriage between the work and the setting.






Paul Nicklen, HOME ICE ADVANTAGE, 2006


Conversely, if the photograph is intended for a future student or a young adult, it must be adapted to greater mobility. Choose a more classic frame, under glass, with more limited dimensions in order to facilitate its potential future transport.


Guillaume Cannat, Les racines du ciel, 2019


Feel free to personalize the photograph

Once the photograph has been chosen, it is desirable to personalize it. To do this, you will need to choose a frame that matches the personality of the recipient and the room in which you see the work.



Stephen Wilkes, SACRE COEUR, PARIS, 2015


Several framing systems are possible (see our article How to frame an art photograph).

If you want a classic frame, choose a frame under glass with a possible master key to give relief.

For a direct relationship to the work and a contemporary look, choose lamination. The photograph will then be glued on a support and presented without glass. The American box system combines laminating with a frame without glass.


Kyriakos Kaziras, At last


In systems with frames, you can adjust the type of frame. You can opt for a classic or more contemporary setting, worked or refined, striking or sober.

The choice of frame color is also important. For example, white makes it possible to erase the presence of the frame on a wall of the same color.




Personalization of the artwork links the photograph to the recipient of the gift. He will appropriate it and remember it for the rest of his life.


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