Rêver - Kyriakos KAZIRAS


Kyriakos KAZIRAS


Original photography

Digital print

Signed & numbered

Edition of 16 (4 per size) + 4 A.P.

  • 22,5 x 45 cm / 8,85 x 17,7 inch
  • 37,5 x 75 cm / 14,8 x 28,5 inch
  • 45 x 90 cm / 17,7 x 35,4 inch
  • 60 x 120 cm / 23,6 x 47,3 inch

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  • Polar animal photography

    Nowadays, sea ice animals are at the heart of debates on global warming. Images of polar bears from drifting glaciers are often used to raise awareness of melting snow. The GADCOLLECTION Gallery represents many artists offering polar animal photography.    To view the online exhibition of the Photography Museum on the animals of the ice floe click here.    Kyriakos Kaziras, White Symphony    What are the sea ice animals? Polar species are extremely varied. From killer whales to narwhals, including walrus, all these animals inhabit the ice floes and polar waters. They are all exceptional subjects for wildlife photographers. Narwhal: the unicorn of the seas The narwhal is a marine mammal that lives in the Arctic Ocean, in deep waters. It has a small head and a long body. The most remarkable element in its morphology is its horn. The latter ...

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Data sheet

Format : Horizontal

Type : Black & White

Theme : Wildlife

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