Guillaume CANNAT is a French photographer. Born in 1962, fascinated by astronomy from a young age, Guillaume Cannat made his passion his profession. He is not an astrophysicist, as he likes to remember. Guillaume Cannat is a true lover of space, of the planets. For forty years he has observed, and made people observe, the sky and its treasures invisible to the naked eye. His knowledge of astronomy has led him to lecture on the subject all over the world. Many organizations and institutions regularly call on his talents as a passionate communicator.


Guillaume Cannat, Miroir d'un ciel étoilé


Guillaume Cannat, Sous le ciel étoilé


By dint of looking at the sky, Guillaume Cannat began to photograph it. He has turned into a "reporter" of the galactic vastness. At the time of the instantaneous ’, this photographer offers us to accompany him, like a Peter Pan, on journeys to new universes. Take your time, watch and let yourself be transported. Transcribing the immensity of the Milky Way or a dialogue between two stars is a daring challenge that this “extraordinary” artist (he builds his own telescopes!), Accomplishes with an apparent ease. Guillaume Cannat tells us about the beauty of the celestial vault and the emotions that run through it through and through.


Guillaume Cannat, Les racines du ciel


Guillaume Cannat has published more than 70 books on this vastness that fascinates us so much: space. Host, presenter on national radio and TV channels, he is also the author of one of the most famous blogs: Autour du Ciel.

You have only one thing to do: open your eyes and let yourself be guided.



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Guillaume CANNAT
Guillaume CANNAT  is a French photographer. Born in 1962, fascinated by astronomy from a young ag...
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