Guillaume CANNAT

Do you want to buy an original photograph of the Milky Way, comets, planets or the Moon?

The GADCOLLECTION Gallery presents its collection of astrophotography. All photographs available for purchase are original, signed, numbered by the artist and printed on museum quality papers.

Astrophotography is a discipline combining photography and astronomy. It is about capturing, with the assistance of telescopes, the light of stars invisible to the naked eye. These radiant photos, imbued with nuances and magic, invite you to travel.

To view this, click on the link:  Museum of Photography's online exhibition titled "100 Years of Astrophotography".

Guillaume CANNAT, French astrophotographer, offers dazzling work. Through powerful photos composed of delicate colors, he manages to share his fascination with the immensity of space.

His photographs of starry and colorful summer skies appear magical. The captured spaces, which seemed inaccessible, are now emerging before our eyes. They extend their arms to us and invite us to the screening. These photographs, tinted with green and purple, are therefore true invitations to escape and reverie.

See the biography: Guillaume CANNAT.

In the same theme, the GADCOLLECTION Gallery also offers aviation and airplane photographs taken by Manolo CHRETIEN, a series of vintage astronomy photographs (Deep Space series) and photographs of space and lunar explorations taken by NASA.

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