E51 Measles ward, lone chair - Stephen WILKES

E51 Measles ward, lone chair

Stephen WILKES

E51 Measles ward, lone chair, 1998-2003, series: 'Ellis Island'

Original photography

Ilfochrome print

Signed and numbered by the artist

122 x 152,4 cm / 48 x 60 inch, edition of 8

76,2 x 101,6 cm / 30 x 40 inch, edition of 20

50,8 x 61 cm / 20 x 24 inch, edition of 50

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    Urbex photography has gained exceptional visibility these days. Many photographers popularized thismovement andmade it known toa wider audience.Thefirstprinciples of urbex being solitude and secrecy, this popularization seems unnatural. This is indeed a hidden and prohibited activity. However, the photographers on this adventure generally did not resist the urge to share the fruits of their explorations. Photographs capturing the beauty of passing time and the decay of abandoned places flourished on social networks and in art galleries. The GADCOLLECTION Gallery represents two photographers offering urbex photo:  Romain VEILLON and  Stephen WILKES ( Ellis Island series).   Romain VEILLON, Waiting on an Angel , Series : Forgotten Palaces   What is urbex photo ? Urbex (urban exploration) is a practice born in the 1970s that involves visit...

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  • Stephen WILKES

    Stephen WILKES was born in 1957. He began to photograph from his 12 years old , a passion which will not leave him. Stephen WILKES studied at Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, he graduated with a bachelor of science in photography. Specialized in communication, the school allowed him to develop a deep understanding of the media’s history and uses. Then, he opened his studio in New-York City in 1983 and has kept on photographing since that day. Stephen WILKES photographs for commercials, for publishers, for himself and above all for the others. His photos are made to be shown to the largest audience possible. They testify of a high degree of self-abnegation, so much Stephen WILKES does not hesitate to dedicate his time and his person to the photographic projects which mean a lot to him. They are photographic works able to change our per...

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Format : Vertical

Type : Color

Theme : Documentary

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