Australia, 2008 - Douglas KIRKLAND

Australia, 2008


Australia, 2008

Original photography

Pigment print on archival paper

Signed, numbered and titled on the back by the artist

50,8 x 61  cm / 20 x 24 inch, edition of 24

76,2 x 101,6 cm / 30 x 40 inch, edition of 24

93 x 118 cm / 37 x 47 inch, edition of 12

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  • Douglas KIRKLAND

    Douglas KIRKLAND was born in 1934 in Toronto. Child, he has been amazed by Photography and his kith and kin became his very first models. Douglas KIRKLAND still does not know that during the next years, the most prominent Hollywood celebrities will pose in front of his camera. In the early stages of his career Douglas KIRKLAND worked in a small photo studio, in Richmond (Virginia). Thanks to his meetings, he discovered the photographs of Irving PENN. That was a revelation. Douglas KIRKLAND was fond of it, he sent several letters to the famous photographer and succeeded in becoming Irving PENN’s assistant. He is a quick learner but the meager salary was not enough and Irving PENN refused to increase his wage. We were in 1957, Douglas gave himself one year to carve out a place as photographer by his own mean. The road had been a bit longer. He constructed his portfolio step by step...

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Data sheet

Format : Horizontal

Type : Color

Theme : Film

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