Although it may seem too obvious to mention, may people are unaware of what exactly constitutes a print. Put simply, a print is a method of image-making that allows the work of art to be created more than once. The size of the edition (i.e.the number of prints produced of the one work), the significance of the work in the context of the artist's oeuvre, the condition of the print, and whether or not it is signed by the artist, are all factors that can affect the value of a print

Platinum Print:

Similar to silver gelatin prints, but using iron and platinum instead of silver salts. Platinum prints are valued aesthetically for their range of tonal variations (typically silvery greys) and unrivalled archival properties, although the price of platinum makes them expensive to produce.

Prestige print RA4 Ilford:

A prestige print is a handmade print . RA4 is the paper process used in printing colour prints from colour negatives.

R-type printing:

R (or Reversal) type printing is a more expensive process than C-type, printing from a positive slide or transparency onto R-type paper to give exactly the same colour saturation as the original image. This method can potentially heighten contrast by reducing shadows.


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