The tell-tale heart - Romain VEILLON

The tell-tale heart


The tell-tale heart, 2018

Original photography

Digital print

Signed and numbered

Edition of 10 per size

  • 60 x 90 cm / 23,6 x 35,5 inch
  • 80 x 120 cm / 31,5 x 47,3 inch
  • 100 x 150 cm / 39,4 x 59 inch

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  • Urbex Photography

    Urbex photography has gained exceptional visibility these days. Many photographers popularized thismovement andmade it known toa wider audience.Thefirstprinciples of urbex being solitude and secrecy, this popularization seems unnatural. This is indeed a hidden and prohibited activity. However, the photographers on this adventure generally did not resist the urge to share the fruits of their explorations. Photographs capturing the beauty of passing time and the decay of abandoned places flourished on social networks and in art galleries. The GADCOLLECTION Gallery represents two photographers offering urbex photo:  Romain VEILLON and  Stephen WILKES ( Ellis Island series).   Romain VEILLON, Waiting on an Angel , Series : Forgotten Palaces   What is urbex photo ? Urbex (urban exploration) is a practice born in the 1970s that involves visit...

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    Catalog of the exhibition Romain VEILLON "Explorations" : 24th January 2019 - 10th February 2019 Read the biography :  Romain VEILLON

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  • Romain VEILLON

    Romain VEILLON is a self-taught artist passionate about photography and travelling. He began to photograph at the age of 15 to engrave in memory his discoveries. Gradually he concentrates more on the artistic approach to the photography, choosing as his favorite subject the aesthetics of abandoned places . Fascinated by this notion of abandonment, he carefully choses each destination to capture these unreal sensations caused by forgotten places. Romain VEILLON considers these areas devoid by human beings as a kind of a modern “Memento Mori”. In these photographs the emptiness is filled with history where the light plays an essential role, taking the place of the disappeared man.  At the age of 35 Romain VEILLON accomplished already more than 15 series. Each of his works shows a particular approach to the chosen area. The quality of his work is based on the technical perfect...

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Data sheet

Format : Horizontal

Type : Color

Theme : Urbex

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