After 15 years spent in the financial market industry as a trader (Paris, London and Geneva) Gad Edery radically changed course in 2008 to create Galerie GADCOLLECTION - Paris, is a gallery entirely dedicated to photography. Galerie GADCOLLECTION helps you to discover (or re-discover) important photographers which escaped the art-market speculation wave.

GADCOLLECTION also offers art training to help young collectors and give hints to art amateurs.

GADCOLLECTION offers advisory services for the constitution and management of art collections.

Gad Edery has been collecting art for the past 30 years and is a member of famous ADIAF.

GADCOLLECTION Gallery Advisory Services

Experience and nothing less than experience.

Comprehensive Art Investment Advisory Services.

You want to broaden your commercial investment offering with alternative assets classes.

You want to strengthen your relationship with your clients by delivering tailor made and value-added services.

You are not an art investment expert…so… let us be !

Summary about fine art photography market

GADCOLLECTION delivers the complete suite of art advisory and investment services, for collectors, investors and lovers of art:

  • Sourcing of works for collection
  • Collection building advisory
  • Expert opinions and valuations
  • Training and educational services
  • Auxilary services including insurance, shipping, customs, auction representation

Art as an alternative asset class:

Investing in art is a proven way of spreading risk and diversifying your investment portfolio:

Art market is a dynamic market which over the past 30 years has grown exponentially and has benefited from growth and wealth in emerging economies like India, Russia and China;

Unlike the stock market, the art market is flexible and largely unregulated with expertise, personal connections and networks playing a crucial role in securing best works and securing the best prices for them.

Art investment collections follow the same principles of asset diversification to other asset classes. Given the global span and variety of types of works – from painting to sculpture and photography and even video – collectors are not only able to mitigate risks in their general investment portfolios but also to manages risks and leverage high return opportunities in a variety of art classes. For example, contemporary art has undergone a period of enormous growth in the past two decades – high returns are possible with expertise in picking undiscovered and prospective talent or in currently selecting undervalued works.

With pro-active management strategies, the value of assets can be actively increased with securing publicity and museum exposure for artworks in the collection and working with galleries and artists to promote them.

Apart from anything else, art is the ultimate in prestigious PR and client liaison tools.  Exhibitions and art events are some of the best opportunities to develop and expand relationships with clients.

And of course – Art is beauty.


GADCOLLECTION has cumulatively over 100 years of experience in art collecting, art investment and advisory. The founder Gad Edery launched GEAIAS in 2003 to enable others to benefit from his expertise and art market insight. He brings to GEAIAS 20 years of experiences as on of France’s top collectors and members of the prestigious ADIAF, the founders of the celebrated annual Marcel Duchamp contemporary art prize in Paris. With a doctorate in Art History from Sorbonne and over two decades of successful practice as an international investment broker Gad is uniquely positioned to deliver top of the line art and art investment advice.

Gad heads a team of half a dozen dedicated art professionals and manages an international network of experts (curators, advisors, dealers) who are able to deliver a personalised art advisory or investment service to any client anywhere in the world!

Our tailored services include:

Sourcing: liaison and negotiation with dealers, galleries and auctions including:

  1. full valuation advisory
  2. representation at auctions
  3. due diligence
  4. auxilary services on acquisition of works (including framing, insurance, restoration, customs and shipping etc)

Education and training:

  1. Bimonthly newsletter to clients with market analysis and art news
  2. Auction reporting and updates
  3. Tailored training programmes in art history and contemporary trends and art investment

GADCOLLECTION Gallery main address:

4 rue du Pont Louis-Philippe
75004 Paris
Phone : +33 1 43 70 72 59

Opening hours:
Tuesday - Friday : 14.00 - 19.00
Saturday - Sunday : 14.30 - 19.00

The gallery will be closed in August.

Metro: Hotel de Ville (L1 & L11) / Saint-Paul (L1) / Pont-Marie (L7)

Private View Gallery : By Appointment Only
5 rue des sablons
75116 PARIS
Tel : + 33 1 77 32 41 53