Gemini 4, EVA, Edward White - NASA

Gemini 4, EVA, Edward White


Gemini 4, EVA, Edward White, 03/06/1965

Signed by McDivitt, command pilot James McDivitt took this photo of pilot Edward H White II as White inspected the spacecraft exterior.

Photo NASA, colour photo-lithography


20,32 x 25,4 cm / 8 x 10 inch

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    USA and URSS were opposed in a fierce competition: The Space Race. The Space Race was the odyssey of the 20th century . It started on 4 October 1957 with Sputnik 1, first artificial Earth satellite, launched by the Soviet Union. The next month, it was followed by the first animal to orbit the Earth, still by URSS. The missions and programs by Soviet Union and United-States kept on the rivalry. In this struggle, the NASA (National Aeronotics and Space Administration) played a leading role. This US independent agency was founded the 29th of July 1958 to be in charge of the civilian space program, aeronautics and aerospace research. Three key programs allowed USA to send the first man on the Moon:  Mercury (1958-1963) sent the first American in space, then, 25th may 1961, in the middle of the Cold War, John F. KENNEDY launched the  Apollo program (1961-1975). During his famous...

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