Marlena - Gun Point - Bahamas - Jean-Daniel LORIEUX

Marlena - Gun Point - Bahamas

Jean-Daniel LORIEUX

Marlena, V de V, Gun Point, Bahamas, 1982

Original Photography

Digital Print

Signed by the artiste

70 x 100 cm / 27.5 x 39.5 inch, edition of 8

Other dimensions are available on request.

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    Iconic photographs, unforgettable photographs, inspiring photographs… Fashion photographs are part of our lives and influence them. Ormond GIGLI, Douglas KIRKLAND and Jean-Daniel LORIEUX, represented by Galerie GADCOLLECTION , are the masters. What is fashion photography? The notion of " fashion " refers to the way of dressing present in a specific place at a given time. It ranges from clothing to clothing or beauty accessories. It is a notion that is by definition moving and constantly evolving. Fashion photography is a genre of photography devoted to showcasing clothing and fashion accessories . Fashion photos highlight a specific style of dress. These are usually high fashion pieces. These are worn by models staged by fashion photographers. These photographs are intended to sell a garment or an accessory by highlighting it. It is therefore a photographic genre w...

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Format : Horizontal

Type : Color

Theme : Fashion

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