Tour Eiffel (II), 1988 - Jean-Claude GAUTRAND

Tour Eiffel (II), 1988

Jean-Claude GAUTRAND

Tour Eiffel (II), 1988, Paris mon Amour

Original photography

Edition of 30

Gelatin Silver Print on Baryted Paper

Signed, stamped and numered on the back by the artist


Dimensions - 30 x 40 cm / 11,8 x 15,7 inch

Dimensions - 40 x 50 cm / 15,7 x 19,7 inch

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  • Architectural Photography

    Advertising photographs, photographs of new buildings or tourist photographs... These days, architectural photography is everywhere. The GADCOLLECTION Gallery represents many artists offering architectural photography.   What is architectural photography?   Architectural photography is a kind of photography. It is about capturing through photography, a building, a construction or an architectural element . In principle, architectural photography should faithfully reflect the building by capturing the light. However, while being faithful to the construction photographed, the photographer also transcribes his personal vision of the work . The interest is therefore twofold. Cássio Vasconcellos, Pont au double , Series: Nocturnes à Paris       Alessandro PIREDDA, SANTA MARIA DEL FIORE, FIRENZE (1)       Brief history of arc...

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  • Jean-Claude GAUTRAND

    Jean-Claude GAUTRAND is a French photographer and historian of photography. He was born in 1932, in Sains-en-Gohelle (France, Pas-de-Calais). During his teenage years, he learnt photography. Later, in his 24, he discovered Otto STEINERT’s work that left him a dramatic impression. Jean-Claude GAUTRAND drawn inspiration from subjective photography movement represented by Otto STEINERT. The photos take some distance with the strict representation of reality, to support the expression of the photographer interiority. We can find this kind of picture, with the care for shape and style, in Jean-Claude GAUTRAND’s series ‘ Forteresse du dérisoire ’ and ‘ Métalopolis ’ for instance. Thus, the famous series ‘ L’assassinat de Baltard ’ should be analysed through these two dimensions: historical one and subjective one. Jean-Claude GAUTRAND’s series shows us the last mom...

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Data sheet

Format : Horizontal

Type : Black & White

Theme : Architecture

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