Moshe Dayan, 1974 - David RUBINGER

Moshe Dayan, 1974


Moshe Dayan, 1974

Original photography, vintage

Gelatin silver print

35,8 x 28 cm / 14 x 11 inch

Stamp of the photographer on the back

Certificate of Authenticity & biography

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  • David RUBINGER

    David RUBINGER  (1924-2017) was born in Vienna in 1924, David RUBINGER emigrated to Israel, then Palestine, in 1939. A chance encounter in Paris left him with the gift of a small 35mm camera, resulting in his decision to try to make a living from photography. After the end of Israel’s War of Independence in 1948, he began freelancing for local papers. In 1954 TIME/LIFE published their first two RUBINGER’s photographs . In the 1970’s, David RUBINGER became a TIME Contract Photographer . Career: David RUBINGER witnessed the birth of the nation in 1948 and subsequently lived through ten wars which in most cases he observed from close quarters as a TIME photo-journalist. In his work David RUBINGER frequently came into contact with key Israeli leaders and gained their confidence, including: David Ben GURION, Golda MEIR, Moshe DAYAN, Shimon PERES, Yitzchak RABIN and Ariel S...

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Data sheet

Format : Vertical

Type : Black & White

Theme : Documentary

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