Cours la Reine - Cássio VASCONCELLOS

Cours la Reine


Cours la Reine, series: Nocturnes Paris, 2002-2003

Original photography

Digital print

Signed by the artist

30 x 29 cm / 12 x 11 inch edition of 5 + 1 A.P. + original Polaroid

82 x 80 cm / 32 x 31 inch edition of 3 + 1 A.P.

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  • Street Photography

    In the age of smartphones and social media, street photography has become particularly trendy. Indeed, taking a photo of passers-by or urban elements in order to immortalize a moment or underline an aesthetic has never been so easy. Although it has never left the art galleries, this photographic genre born at the end of the 19th century is therefore brought to light again today. The GADCOLLECTION Gallery represents two street photographers , Eric Houdoyer   and Cássio Vasconcellos , who offer series on Paris and Sao Paulo.       Eric Houdoyer, Eclipse, 2015   What is street photography ?     Street photography is a photographic genre that appeared at the start of the 20th century. These are photos taken outdoors and more widely in a public place, without staging. They have for subject the human presence, immediate or suggested.     ...

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    Cássio VASCONCELLOS  (1965-) is a Brazilian photographer, born in São Paulo. He studied photography at the Imagem-Ação school of São Paulo before starting a career in photojournalism. In between photo stories and advertising work, he shoots for his own photographic collection. Active since 1981, VASCONCELLOS has shown his work over 200 times in more than 20 countries. The artist’s photographs are in Brazil’s main private collections as well as in international museums. He won the Paulista Association of Art Critics award (APCA – 2002) for best photography exhibition of the year with Noturnos São Paulo . Praised by peers and art critics alike,  his nocturnal photographic series are intriguing urban excursions, paced by multicolor lightnings. The theme of travel, ever present in his work, is also expressed through means of transportation : roads, planes, car...

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Format : Square

Type : Color

Theme : Street photography

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