How to find and choose the perfect black and white elephant print

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Elephants are majestic animals that embody power and wisdom. Through the black and white photo, our photographers magnify these extraordinary mammals.

Finding the right photograph of an elephant is a challenge if you only rely on image banks and the Internet. The GADCOLLECTION gallery has been working for years with great wildlife photographers who immortalize these pachyderms. This article presents a selection and gives you the keys to find and choose the elephant photo that meets your expectations. Our tips will help you to avoid a purchase you will later regret.


Black and white photo of elephants in african savannah.

Kyriakos KAZIRAS, Quiet Morning, series: Elephant Dream.


Know what you want

The hardest part of looking for a photograph (whether or not of an elephant) is figuring out what you want. Some simple questions will allow you to identify your expectations and not to jump on the first image you come across:

  • What feelings should the image convey?
  • Should the photograph be taken in the wild?
  • What dimensions do you want? (if you are considering a large image, take the time to read our article on the specifics of large format prints).
  • Where do you plan to display the photo?
    Indeed, if it is in a hall or in a child's room, it is likely that you will not choose the same photo.

Commonly, elephants represent two things: power and wisdom. In the West as in the East, the elephant is bound to a symbolism of memory – as the saying goes: an elephant never forgetswisdom and longevity are the other traits that come to mind. In Africa the elephant is also seen as a protector. Attribute of royalty and embodiement of the State, it is at the same time the figure of the father and of benevolence.

You will therefore have an interest in knowing which image speaks to you the most. A lonely elephant in the middle of a landscape will immediately give a graphic aspect and a feeling of majesty, while a matriarch guiding its herd or protecting a small one, will express power and benevolence. These elements have to be taken into account. If unsure, they will help you to decide between two photos.


Portrait of a royal elephant in black and white conveying a deep feeling of majesty.

Kyriakos KAZIRAS, The King, series: Elephant Dream.


An elephant family walking in african savanna.

Kyriakos KAZIRAS, Corps et Âmes, series: Elephant Dream.


Baby elephant protected by its mothers paws.

Kyriakos KAZIRAS, Our Future, series: Elephant Dream.


Taking the time to find the right photograph

Once you know what you want, it will be much easier to look for a print that approaches your expectations. So, if you come cross an image of elephants, you will be able to spot the characteristics that match your interest.

At the GADCOLLECTION gallery we advise art lovers and collectors to take the needed time. You can first make a selection on our site and then contact us. We will then arrange an appointment that will allow you to come and have a look the images. When this is not possible, we usually arrange a telephone appointment to accompany you in your choices.

We also suggest you take the time to discover the world of the artist who took the photo. This helps to better understand his approach.


Photo in black and white of an elephant, with sunset in the background.

Kyriakos KAZIRAS, Immortel, series: Elephant Dream.


Trust your feelings about the artwork

To choose a piece of art, it is essential to listen to your feelings. The idea of investment can be present, but it would be very damaging to choose a photograph with only this idea in mind.

Feelings are also important when it comes to price. It is often preferable to keep from being influenced by an artist’s celebrity or by the price of an artwork. Go to what you like the most, even if it means paying a little more or a little less. It is often better not to buy than to buy by default.

Remember that a priori you will acquire an artwork with which you will live and probably pass on. There has to be a real encounter between the photo and yourself.


Two silhouettes of elephants in the dust.

Kyriakos KAZIRAS, Another World, series: Elephant Dream.


Elephant herd photographed by wildlife photographer Kyriakos KAZIRAS.

Kyriakos KAZIRAS, The Walk, series: Elephant Dream.


Elephant portrait in the darkness of the night.

Kyriakos KAZIRAS, Into the Darkness, series: Elephant Dream.


Don’t forget to review the details of the photograph

Some elements are too often forgotten when you are in front of a work. Take the time to observe the rendering of textures, approach the image or distance yourself so you can better appreciate it. If possible, make sure that the prints are limited edition and that the artist supervises the edition.

The most famous wildlife photographers, such as Sebastião SALGADO, Nick BRANDT or Kyriakos KAZIRAS, always collaborate with printers chosen by their care. They flee the kind of galleries wanting to take charge of the whole process with almost unlimited editions. When they are serious about their works, young photographers like Stéphane AISENBERG follow the very same path. They thus ensure a rendering that corresponds scrupulously to their own artistic vision.


Elephant parents with a baby elephant walking in svanna.

Kyriakos KAZIRAS, Trilogy in Africa, series: Elephant Dream.


You now have all the keys to choose the elephant photography you like. Of course, we suggest you to start your search by exploring the photos taken by Kyriakos KAZIRAS. His Elephant Dream series is breathtaking. We let you judge for yourself.


Black and white prints of two elephants.

Kyriakos KAZIRAS, Heroes, series: Elephant Dream.


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