Noble Rot 14 - Peter LIPPMANN

Noble Rot 14


Peter Lippmann

Noble Rot 14

Original photography

Digital print

Signed and numbered

100 x 80 cm / 39.5 x 31,5 inch : Edition of 4 

150 x 120 cm / 59 x 47.25 inch : Edition of 2 

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  • Noble Rot: When Decay becomes Art

    Galerie GADCOLLECTION is thrilled to welcome renowned photographer Peter Lippmann , whose work transforms decay into a breathtaking visual spectacle. One of his most fascinating series, "Noble Rot," invites us to contemplate the unique beauty of natural degradation processes, reminiscent of the magic of vineyards and grapes , which, under the influence of noble rot, transform into exceptional wines . The Beauty of Decay In his "Noble Rot" series, Lippmann explores themes of beauty and transformation through the decay of fruits and other organic elements . Just as Botrytis Cinerea (the fungus responsible for noble rot) turns grapes into precious nectar, Peter Lippmann elevates decay to the level of visual art. Each image in this series is a meditation on the cycles of life, death, and rebirth, offering a profound reflection on the passage of time. Pete...

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Data sheet

Format : Vertical

Type : Color

Theme : Still Life

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