Tulipe Dentelle Valery - Rachel LEVY

Tulipe Dentelle Valery

Rachel LEVY

Tulipe Dentelle Valery

Original Photography

Digital print on museum quality cotton paper

Signed, numered and titled on the back by the artist

Edition of 7 per size

Certificate of Authenticity

  • 50 x 70 cm / 19,7 x 27,6 inch
  • 85 x 120 cm / 33,5 x 47,3 inch

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  • Rachel LEVY

    Rachel LEVY was born in Casablanca, Morocco, in 1955. She went to the USA to study at the San Francisco Art Institute from which she graduated. After an American stay of 10 years, Rachel LEVY headed back to France in 1984. She has photographed as a free-lance for many magazines while pursuing her own research, mainly about plants, flowers and still-life. Rachel LEVY photographs flowers almost faded. It is a limit state, an in-between, because for the gardener or the florist it is the moment when he has to cut off the stem and to get rid of the flower. The flower just starts to decay, so most people keep it. This moment crystallizes the ongoing metamorphosis. An obvious daintiness emanates from it.   Rachel LEVY,  Haut les voiles .   In a way, we are almost facing a photographic herbarium, a collection of floral photos patiently gathered by Rachel LEVY. How...

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Data sheet

Format : Vertical

Type : Color

Theme : Flower

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