Tuanjiehu Park, Beijing, 2015 (1) - Stefano CERIO

Tuanjiehu Park, Beijing, 2015 (1)

Stefano CERIO

Tuanjiehu Park, Beijing, 2015, Chinese Fun series (1)

Original Photography

Digital print on museum quality cotton paper

Signed, numbered and titled by the artist

Edition of 5, all formats/sizes mixed

60 x 80 cm / 23,7 x 31,5 inch

110 x 140 cm / 43,4 x 55,2 inch

150 x 185 cm / 59,1 x 72,9 inch

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  • Stefano CERIO

    Italian photographer Stefano CERIO (1962-) lives and works between Rome and Paris. At 18 years old he started photographing for the Italian weekly L’Espresso. During this first part of his career Stefano CERIO made portraits for both fashion magazines and newspapers. The year 2001 is a turning point, in this new millennium Stefano CERIO began an explorative photography approach. Landscapes and architectures in the skillfully treated colors become a  theater of absence . It stress an inaccessibility of the subjects: places of holidays or leisure in which we only pass. Stefano CERIO explores the collective unconscious representations we share about those areas. He deals with our expectations and the reality. Thus, in a same picture the fantasized image met the memorized one. The uncanny emerges as a result of themes and of the peculiar shooting technique he used. The la...

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Data sheet

Format : Horizontal

Type : Color

Theme : Landscape

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