Homage to Herbert Bayer, 2004 - Jerry UELSMANN

Homage to Herbert Bayer, 2004


Homage to Herbert Bayer, 2004

Original photography, gelatin silver print

Signed and titled by the artist

16 x 20 inch / 40 x 50 cm

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    The GADCOLLECTION Gallery offers black and white photo prints . The photographers represented by the gallery use black and white to magnify their subjects and give them a timeless dimension . We invite you to explore the characteristics of this technique, which has been used by great photographers, such as Henri CARTIER-BRESSON, Richard AVEDON or Ansel ADAMS. The use of black and white allows to extract the subject from its surroundings and to reveal characteristics hidden by color . Thus, black and white is particularly suitable for fashion photography, nude photography and for architectural photography, because it highlights the shapes and lines that composed the image. The golden age of black and white photography span from the first part of the 20th century to the 1980s. Black and white printing was favored by photographers of these periods because they could easil...

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  • Jerry UELSMANN

    Jerry UELSMANN is an American photographer born in Detroit in 1934. He studied at the Fine Art Rochester Institute of Technology of which he graduated in 1957, then at the Indiana University until 1960. Later, he taught photography at University in the state of Florida, where he still lives. The solo show in 1967 at the MoMA in New York has definitely promoted his career. Jerry UELSMANN is well known for his gelatin silver-print photomontage . He has considered his photographs compared to the post-visualization, concept thanks to he has qualified his practical work of negatives. The main idea is to consider the shot as a part of the work. Then the artist’s view comes true in the darkroom, experimentation place which gives birth to the final photography. He has adapted his laboratory so that it corresponds to the photomontage’s requirements.   Jerry UELSMANN,  U...

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Data sheet

Format : Vertical

Type : Black & White

Theme : Photomontage

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