Frederic BRENNER

The French photographer Frédéric BRENNER (1959-) started his first photo project in 1978. It became the root of his first book: Jérusalem: instant d’Éternité. The aim was to immortalize by photos the meeting between Jews from Eastern Europe, a multicultural diaspora, in Israel. At this time Frédéric BRENNE studied ethnology and sociology at the Sorbonne University and after that at the EHESS (School of High Studies in Social Sciences) in Paris. Photography was a mean for research. Frédéric BRENNER has extended his project to Jews from all over the World. He has studied and photographed the cultural diversity and multiplicity of the traditions, of a people in constant pilgrimage. Frédéric BRENNER dives the viewer in the intimacy of his subjects, sometimes with humour, sometimes with compassion, always maintaining a respectful look. 

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